Founding principles

Punctuality, ability to react:

Legumetejo wishes first of all to offer a security of punctuality  
This commitment is the base of any good supplier-customer relation, and we make it our priority.
This priority is also the one of our suppliers, we select them, largely, according to this criterion.
Legumetejo creates a reliable and increasing loyalty relation to its customers and suppliers.
It is the necessary and strong sociable disposition between the farmers, the producers and the European storekeeper.
An attentive and reactive ear is tuned in to all our interlocutors.
Quality and cost:
Legumetejo negotiates the price of every products to offer it to you in the best cost.
We are, at present, the best placed on a majority of products in front of the competition.
But we do not compromise on the quality, our knowledge is also situated there.
Negotiation, management, and selection.